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About us:
The Battlestein Company is a Mead Hall guild. We are a crafting and trade company that acts to employ artisans, businesses, adventurers, and service providers that reside in and around Khaz Modan.

If you need something done, you can rely on us!
Bathildis / Jan 24, 2019 / Social Events

Join us at Battlestein Imports, Sunday January 27th for the return of Market Night! Battlestein Brewpub will be run from the warehouse along with a host of artisans sharing their masterfully crafted wares from the Battlestein Company! The store ...

Bathildis / Jan 15, 2019 / The Steel Pub

For those of you who attended this past weekend's Three Year Anniversary, you already know the news, and a big thank you for coming out to support us!For those of you who missed out, time to be filled in! The Steel Pub has been a cornerstone of t...

Bathildis / Jan 01, 2019 / General News

It's 2019 and that means a whole new year of roleplaying content! Compared to yesterday's post, we'll attempt keep this one brief! Yeah right! Anywho, here's a few things to look forward to this year.Social Roleplaying:The Steel Pub, Ironforge ...

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